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Below are answers to the most commonly asked questions. Please click on the question below to see more details. If you need additional help, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Design your own dart shirt FAQ:

Can I order only 1 shirt?

Can I use images from the internet for our shirts?

Do you offer discounts for multiple shirts?

Do you have an option for leagues?

What if I don't see what I want?

What is sublimation?

What is the process to order design your own custom shirts?

What are the current turn times for a custom order?

Can I see a sample before I place the order?

How do I know what size I wear?

Am I allowed to make changes to my order once it is placed?

How do I know the colors will be correct?

What happens if my order is defective?

Do you charge sales tax?

Are there shipping charges on top of the order?

What is your return policy on custom orders?

Full custom dart shirt FAQ:

What is the difference between Design Your Own and Full Custom

What is the process for full custom?

Can I have our graphic designer create our shirt design?

Do you offer full custom design work?

Retail Products

How long until my retail product ships?

What is your return policy for returned retail orders?

Can we buy wholesale products for our retail site?

Company FAQ:

Who is FlyingBull Darts?

Where are your products manufactured?

Are you looking for distribution partners?





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